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Our in-house services showcase our ability to cater to diverse customer requirements. 

Each service offered plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity, reducing lead times, and maintaining a competitive pricing structure:

We offer standard and precision slitting/shearing, wide coil processing, temper-rolled stainless steel, edge dressing, surface finishing, cut-to-length, oscillating/bobbin winding, slitting blanks, and polishing.

Standard and Precision Slitting/Shearing

We provide both standard and precision slitting/shearing services, which allow for customising stainless steel coils into various widths and accurately meeting specific customer needs.


Wide Coil Processing Line

Adding a wide coil slitting line has been a great success. It offers the capability for slitting up to 1250mm wide coil x 0.10 - 1.50mm thickness in 304/316L/321 and 430/409.


Temper Rolled Stainless Steel 

Offering temper rolled stainless steel involves improving the material's hardness, strength, and surface finish through controlled rolling processes, meeting clients' precise specifications.


Edge Conditions

This service involves machining the edges of stainless steel coils, ensuring smoother, safer, and more precise edges, which can be critical in many applications. These can be edge dressed or full round edges.



The capability to perform surface finishing on stainless steel ensures that the material meets particular finish, appearance as defined by the client.


Boxed Banding

Boxed banding refers to stainless steel banding in pre-cut lengths or rolls packaged in boxes for convenient handling, storage, and transport. 


Cut to Length

Precise cutting to specific lengths according to customer specifications is crucial in various industries and applications. It reduces waste and enhances efficiency.


Oscillating/Bobbin Winding

Providing oscillating or bobbin winding services allows for customised packaging of stainless steel coils, catering to varied transportation and usage needs.

Our bobbin wound precision strip is often used to manufacture spiral wound gaskets and other processes such as pressings. Our bobbin wound material is used extensively in the gasket sealing.


Printed Stainless Steel Strip

Printed stainless steel strip refers to stainless steel strips that have undergone a printing process to apply specific information onto the surface of the stainless steel material.


Ink Jet

Employing digital technologies, we print onto the stainless steel strip

Laser Printing/Engraving 

We use lasers to etch or engrave designs onto the stainless steel surface, providing precise and permanent markings.

We can effectively control and manage the production process by having all these services in-house, ensuring quality standards, meeting tight deadlines, and offering competitive prices.

Posted on: 25-04-2024

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Our products and services
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Our in-house services showcase our ability to cater to diverse customer requirements.

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