Full inhouse capabilities to offer reliability and
flexibility to our customers

Continuously investing in our production machinery and people

Stainless Band never stands still, and we are proud to invest in our people and production machinery continuously, which ensures that
all product processing is on-site, guaranteeing quality and efficiency. This also includes a full stainless steel testing facility.

Services include standard and precision slitting/shearing, temper rolling, edge dressing, cut to length, oscillating/bobbin winding and slitting blanks and polishing.

Our plant list is always growing

8 x Slitters – capability width 2.50mm to 1500mm wide thicknesses 0.10mm to 3.20mm

1 x Multi-spindle slitter/bobbin winder primarily designated for spiral wound gasket feedstock

4 x Precision edge dressers capable of full round edge(E1) or deburred edges (E3)

1 x Heavy oscillating spool winders, finished coil weights up to 1000kgs

1 x Cut to length 4 metres x 600mm x 3mm

1 x Jones 2 high rolling mill rolling and flattening line

1 x Polishing line

1 x Oscillating spool winder from 0.50mm to 2.50mm 1000 kg coils

X-ray analyser - thermo scientific NITON XL2 XRF for checking material grades and chemical analysis

Mitutoyo Vickers hardness testing machine

1 x Mecmesin MultiTest 2.5-i (2.5 kN) tensilemachine

Our Stainless Steel Processing



Raw material arrives from our goods inward bay in West Yorkshire



Tests are performed on the raw material prior to it being put in production



Comprehensive raw stock holding capabilities



Raw materials are collected from stock and machined



After the materials have been machined, they are then cut to size



Material is then edged, polished and cut-to-length with OSC.



Testing is carried out again throughout to ensure quality testing



Once the goods are tested, we package ready to be shipped



From goods outward we deliver throughout the world

These additional processing techniques open up new markets across the world. The in-house services means increased productivity, shorter lead times and a more competitive pricing structure.

Temper rolled stainless steel and a wide variation of edge and surface finishes are also available.

Please visit the BSSA web links for further information.

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