Stainless Steel Slitting
Blanks Polishing

Stainless Steel Grade AISI 304 S15 - 1.4301 EN 10088-2/ASTM A240.
At Stainless Band we have the capacity to polish material in coil form or blanks. We can offer the following finishes from 120 to 320 Grit as well as standard 2B or BA finished. Material can be made into blanks with lengths from 100mm to 3000mm long. Standard thicknesses 0.10ms from m - 4.00. and widths from 2.50mm to 1500mm maximum.

Finishes and polishing

Stainless Steel Sheets

Material: Stainless Steel
Thickness: Thickness from 0.30-6mm
Widths: Up to a maximum of 1,500.00mm

Tolerance:EN ISO 9445:2006, others available

Stainless Steel Cut Blanks

Material: Stainless Steel
Thickness: Thickness from 0.30 - 6mm
Widths: 10 - 1,500.00mm
Length: 100 - 4000.00mm
Finishes: BA/2B - Standard
  Brushed - 180 grit
  Medium - 220-240 grit
  Fine - 300-320 grit
Surface Protection: Coating films, PE and PVC

Finishes Available
Type Finish
2B This is smooth and slighlty reflective
BA This is a very even, bright and reflective surface
180 grit Course finish
220-240 grit Medium finish
300-320 grit Fine finish

Surface protection - Paper interleaving, protective films, PE PVC coating.

Stainless Steel Slitting Blanks Polishing products that work in the real world

Processed from our in-house facility in Bingley West Yorkshire, UK.

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Insulation industry

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