Stainless Steel
Oscillating Wound

Customers who use narrow width strip can increase productivity with oscillated wound coils as large as 1000kgs. The benefit of this larger wound coil is that the coil needs to be changed less frequently and therefore reduces downtime. Common uses for oscillated wound is the building industry and automotive sector, this process has been proven to increase machine output by 40% on pressing lines.

Oscillating Wound

Oscillated winding

Material: Stainless Steel
Thickness: 0.40-3.00mm
Width: 3.00-80mm
Coil Weight: 1000kgs or coil OD 1,000.00mm
Pack Width: Optional 200/350mm
Inside Diameter: 406,508
  Flash butt welding method with reannealing
Welding Method: 90 degree TIG-skew rolling, seam smoothened
  Marking according to client specification
Edge Finish: WAK edge dressed
Extras: We use wooden spools

Stainless Steel Oscillating Wound products that work in the real world

Processed from our in-house facility in Bingley West Yorkshire, UK.

  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Insulation industry

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