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Why an SME is just the right size for supplying your stainless coil

When it comes to choosing a supplier for stainless coil, there are a lot of factors to consider, but perhaps the most important is the size of the company and how that size affects the level of service provided. However, it’s not simply a matter of the bigger the better, and a common misconception is that larger companies are able to better serve customers due to having more staff and more resources at their disposal.

The problem with this assumption is that more often than not, large companies focus most of their resources on serving the customers that place the biggest orders and cut costs when it comes to serving customers that are deemed less important. Companies requiring small or medium batch orders tend to fair much better by purchasing from a small to medium enterprise (SME) such as Stainless Band.

Stainless Band, a coil processed product manufacturer based in Bradford, is an SME with a highly versatile in-house plant list. This in-house machinery can fulfil almost any stainless coil related requirement, but its customers can still expect to receive the full-force of its customer service you would expect from an SME. In other words, Stainless Band is big enough to have the capabilities to process all orders in-house with short lead times, but is also small enough to consider every customer as being important, thus providing a superior level of service.

Many consumers of coil processed products need to be dynamic and develop prototypes for new products to keep up with the competition. To keep up with their demands, Stainless Band has made significant investments in machinery and personnel to ensure that the company’s offering remains versatile enough for its clients.

From possessing one of the best slitting lines in the business to in-house polishing and edge dressing lines, multi-stage material testing and more, Stainless Band is an SME that has attained the perfect balance of having comprehensive processing capabilities and delivering unparalleled service to its worldwide customer base.

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