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News / New premises to accommodate business growth

It has been an interesting five years for Stainless Band, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of stainless steel coil and blanks. The global recession seems to have done it’s worst and hopefully we are all on the up again.

Stainless Band certainly is!

This time last year production was at its maximum output and although committed to continual investment in people and machinery there simply was no more space to put anyone or anything else.

So the hunt for new premises began…

It was essential to keep the location in West Yorkshire, so that the Stainless Band team would remain intact. Additionally, West Yorkshire allows Stainless Band to service a global market easily and efficiently due to great motorway connections, rail routes and airfreight.

After several months of searching, Jonathan Hanson (Managing Director) found what they were looking for in Bingley a mere 4.5 miles (7 kilometers) from their existing premises.

“The new 14500 sq. ft. (1350 sq. mtr) premises have the perfect mix of production and office area. It also allows us to invest even further during 2014 on new machinery,” said Corrina Treves (Operations Manager).

In the last year Stainless Band have invested in a new Polishing Line and a new Oscillated Winding Line.

The most impressive new addition to the plant list is the purchase of a complete line to produce Oscillated wound coil. This line allows Stainless Band to move into other markets and provide a new offering to current markets. The line guarantees customers less setting up time with reduced scrap yield and a dramatic increase in production capacity. For example a standard coil 15mm x 1mm produced to 1m outside diameter gives a production run of 600meters. A traverse coil produced to a weight of 1200 kg gives a production run of 10,000 meters. Very impressive stuff! Take a look at the Stainless Band news page on their website to find out more about the production capabilities of this new machine.

This is in addition to upgrades for its 8 slitting lines, cut to length, rolling mill, bobbin winder and edge dresser has meant better quality slit coil products and improved delivery times are just part of a normal days work at Stainless Band.

On the ‘people’ front Kate Wawrzyczny has joined the team as a new Quality Manager and the production workforce has two new additions and they are still recruiting.

Naturally a progressive company such as Stainless Band ensures they have procedures in place to deliver consistent quality whilst considering environmental impact. In August 2013, Stainless Band was awarded the ISO 14001 accreditation. As well as reducing the environmental impact, measures to achieve this accreditation have produced other amazing results for Stainless Band, saving them around £15000 per annum by cutting wastage and recycling more. Stainless Band are now recycling more plastic, wood, paper and much more, this resulted in not having to buy as many materials and really reducing their carbon footprint, sending out an overall greener business message. 

Posted on: 13-05-2014

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