Stainless Band has invested in new racking

News / Stainless Band has invested in new racking

Following a recent expansion to its facility, Stainless Band has invested £45,000 in a new highstrength
racking system for its goods inwards and goods outwards bays, these consist of both
metal base racking and timber deck racking to maximise efficiency, productivity and use of

In 2017, Stainless Band supplied more than 4,500 tonnes of coil processed products to the
global market, and following a series of upgrades totalling more than £350,000, this number is
set to increase. A major focus of the recent upgrades was to increase the efficiency of material
flow throughout the facility – further improving quality control and shortening lead times. With a
forecasted production output of 5,000 tonnes for 2018, it makes the storage and racking at
Stainless Band vitally important to achieve these targets.

As a manufacturer of stainless steel coil and stainless processed products, the company has
significant load-bearing requirements on its racking in order to ensure safety remains at a high
standard as turnover and production output increases. To fulfil these requirements, Stainless
Band selected two local suppliers to supply its new racking – Racks Industries Ltd and
Warehouse Systems Ltd.

For its goods inwards bay, which stores all of Stainless Band’s raw material during the multistage
testing prior to entering production, Stainless Band has installed metal base racking and
timber deck racking to facilitate the increase in material moving through its facility.

The metal base racking, supplied by Racks Industries Ltd, uses a heavy-duty steel construction
and is rated to 5,000 kgs per shelf, which measure 2,700mm in width and 4,400mm in height.
With this new racking, the storage capacity of the goods inwards bay has increased
significantly to 70 tonnes, all of which can be accessed quickly.

Steel framed timber deck racking systems supplied by Warehouse Systems were installed in
both the goods inwards and goods outwards bays. This racking is capable of storing up to
4,500 kgs per beam level, or 13,500 kgs per 2,400mm bay. In total, this racking system can
store up to 158 full pallets, with quick access to material being the essential part.

The goods outwards bay is an area dedicated to pre shipment testing, quality control and
preparing orders for dispatch, and is instrumental in enabling Stainless Band to continue
increasing its quality assurance and short lead times to customers whilst increasing production
output to 5,000 tonnes for 2018.

Posted on: 15-03-2017

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