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Nick Barton, Production Supervisor at Stainless Band, has been working in stainless steel and
aluminium manufacturing for 42 years. Currently employed as the Production Supervisor at
Stainless Band, he plays a significant role in the growth and success of the company.

When he joined Stainless Band in 2008, Nick Barton was no stranger to his new employer,
Jonathan Hanson. Nick had worked for Jonathan’s father for many years at Hanson Stainless
in 1978, and having witnessed Jonathan’s continued success in stainless steel, came to
Stainless Band with every confidence that the company was destined for success.

9 years in and Nick still loves his job at Stainless Band. As the Production Supervisor, Nick has
various responsibilities to ensure everything runs smoothly and orders are completed quickly
and to the highest standards.

After more than four decades in the industry, Nick has seen everything. He has, at one time or
another encountered almost every problem imaginable. This is why he has become the go-to
guy at Stainless Band for troubleshooting any problems with machinery or material, which is
just as well, because troubleshooting is Nick’s favourite part of the his job!

Having seen the industry evolve over the years, when Nick was asked what it is that makes a
company thrive in the metal manufacturing industry, he said the most important thing is
“Versatility is key. Customers are constantly evolving – upgrading products, improving
products and developing new products – this means they have constantly changing needs.
Stainless Band has been able to maintain growth all over the world by continually adapting to
the needs of customers whilst maintaining a reliable, high level of quality and service.
Versatility in products, consistency in quality and service – that’s the key!”

With the experience and dedication of employees like Nick Burton, and the company’s focus on
versatility, quality and service, it’s no wonder that Stainless Band has been able to not only
continue but accelerate its growth throughout the world markets.

Posted on: 27-02-2018

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