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Helping customers plan for brexit

Stainless Band is a leader in stainless coil processing throughout the world and is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that that Brexit may bring, however, early preparation is key to ensure that businesses are ready to deal with any supply chain problems that could occur.

Stainless Band is a customer-focused supplier serving many sectors including automotive, building and petrochemical industries throughout the UK and the world. Large international industries of this type are big enough to handle whatever political issues coming out of Brexit may bring, but small to medium supply chain companies may have more difficulties.

Low stocks of raw materials could affect much of industry both in the UK and throughout Europe, causing production problems and consequently lower sales. Stainless Band are addressing this problem by significantly increasing raw material stock levels so that their customers can be confident of regular quality checked supplies throughout any transitional period.

Our commitment to our European customers and suppliers is still as strong as ever. We as a company have spent years building relationships throughout the world and these will not be affected due to Brexit.

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