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Roy Mason

Get to know Roy Mason

When you spend four decades in any industry, the word “expert” starts to enter people’s minds,
and when 40 years equates to around 80,000 hours worked, it’s easy to see why. After a
lifetime working with Stainless Steel, Roy Mason is one such example. Currently employed as
Commercial Consultant for Stainless Band, Bradford based manufacturer of stainless coil
processed products, Roy has established himself as one of the company’s most valuable

When Roy began working in the steel industry as a commercial apprentice in 1978, steel was
still being smelted and rolled in the UK at what was then British Steel. Through attending
various courses in Sheffield and Panteg South Wales, Roy was able to gain a rare insight into
the inner workings of stainless steel production – learning the intricate details of how it’s made,
what the characteristics of different grades are and how they perform.

By the mid 1980s, Roy had already developed enough knowledge and experience in the
stainless steel industry to start his own steel stockholders business. He then spent the next 20
years building his business, learning the importance of customer service and continually
adapting to industry changes.

By 2009, Roy felt it was time for a change and began looking for a new challenge, which
presented its self in the form of his friend of 30 years, Jonathan Hanson, when he began
operating a stainless coil processing company, Stainless Band.

Joining Stainless Band allowed Roy to apply the wealth of knowledge and experience he had
accrued over the last 4 decades. Along with being responsible for the day-to-day running of the
West Midlands sales office, designing and adapting machinery and generating new business,
Roy is also part of a select team that handles the larger decisions of the business, which has
helped the company grow.

As a result of this growth, Stainless Band now boasts some of the best slitting lines in the
industry, along with traverse winding continuous coil, polishing lines and more.

Despite the truly impressive array of in-house machinery and newly improved facilities at
Stainless Band, Roy’s favourite aspect of his job remains the human element. Building longterm
partnerships with customers through understanding individual needs and advising on and
delivering the best products for the job is still the most satisfying part of his work. It is this
passion for service that has enabled Stainless Band to develop excellent client retention and
win new business throughout the world.

As Roy continues to build on his lifelong career in stainless steel, his son Daniel Mason is
already following in his footsteps. After graduating from Birmingham University, Daniel joined
his father at Stainless Band’s West Midlands office. Showing great promise in his work at the
company, Daniel will prove himself to be as valuable an asset as his father and help Stainless
Band continue its growth in both UK and overseas markets.

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