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Stainless Band and the construction industry

As a major supplier of stainless steel strip, coil, blanks and strapping, the diversity in its processing capabilities has enabled Stainless Band to establish its self as a leading supplier in the construction industry.

The high strength and corrosion resistance properties of stainless steel make it ideal for high demand environments such a building sites and areas of development. The quality and testing processes adhered to at Stainless Band make it a preferred supplier for many manufacturing companies who supply to the building and construction industry.

Stainless Band has been growing its customer base since inception by providing a knowledgeable multi-lingual sales team combined with quality products and a fast turnaround on deliveries. To exceed and maintain the Stainless Band service offering, it has recently invested £320,000, which includes a 1600 sq. ft. warehouse extension for dispatching materials equipped with some £45,000 of racking throughout the facility and two new forklift trucks.

The extra space created has allowed the company to fit a new Fred Cam line, which allows for the production of coil up to 650mm wide and to 4mm in thickness, with a minimum width of 10mm. The overall capacity of the facility is set to increase by 30% over the next 3 months, and significant improvements to the flow of material throughout the facility promise to further reduce turnaround times on all orders. Stainless Band has also employed an additional 10 staff members in both office and production roles, which not only supports the company’s expansion but also works to improve the local economy.

Stainless Band’s facilities are currently equipped to produce slit coil ranging from 0.10 to 4.0mm in thickness, widths from 2.50mm to 1500mm and standard grades including 1.4016 (430), 1.4301(304) and 1.4404(316L). Blanks are available ranging from 0.40-3.0mm in thickness and up to 3 metres in length, as well as standard sheet sizes. With various other products available and options for oscillate wound, bobbin wound, plastic coating and edge dressings/round edging, Stainless Band products are suitable for an extremely diverse range of end-user products and production methods. This includes products that are at prototype stage, as the industry is continually developing new products and tools to aid ease of work, safety, storage and final project finishes.

End-use items commonly using Stainless Band strip and coil include hinges, restraint straps, one-piece joist hangers, timber truss, stop beads, wall plates, window hinge, and even tools such as stainless steel trowels. With such a diverse range of finished items using Stainless Band’s products it is no surprise that the company has a reputation of knowledge, dependability and quality throughout the construction industry.

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