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Stainless Band is a UK manufacturing company of stainless coil, strip, sheet and blanks. The company has come a long way since it began trading in 2009 and now has a production facility consisting of 20 processing lines, which can deliver a wide range of products with bespoke customer specifications, a multi-lingual sales team to serve its worldwide customer base and in-house material testing lab to ensure quality.

Continuously reinvesting a significant portion of its revenue in capital equipment has enabled Stainless Band to improve the service and products. Investing in the future ensures that Stainless Band will maintain the impressive rate of growth both within the UK and overseas.

This continued growth in the demand for the company’s products resulted in the need for Stainless Band to begin planning for a large-scale upgrade and expansion to the Bradford production facility in order to continue meeting the demands of its customers.

To facilitate the numerous upgrades in these plans, the company required some additional funding to meet the £250,000 required. MD Jonathan Hanson approached HSBC to help finance the Stainless Band’s expansion project. To obtain the required funding, these plans were presented to Jason Middleton and his team at HSBC to review the loan application. Recognising the significantly increased production and efficiency that would result, Jason and his team quickly gave the project their full support.

The project included a 1,600 sq. ft. facility expansion, along with further improvements such as energy efficient lighting, heating and bay doors, high strength racking, a new cam line with tooling and a coil welder. The additional space allowed for the facility to reorganise itself and optimise the flow of material moving from goods inwards and laboratory material testing, to order processing and finally to quality inspections, packaging and dispatching in the goods outwards bay.

Through its financial support, HSBC has enabled Stainless Band to not only increase production by expanding the facility’s square footage, but also maximise the space previously available, increasing efficiency and ensuring customer orders continue to be fulfilled with shortest lead times

Following the completion of the expansion projects, the results can already be seen in Stainless Band’s increased output, shortened lead times, reduced energy consumption and improved levels of service.


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